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Temporary Tattoos (and other stuff) For Life


WTF temporary tattoos?

Sometimes life sucks and sometimes it's rad. Sometimes you feel smart, hot, and at ease, and sometimes you feel dumb, bloated, and anxious. Sometimes you feel all these things at once or you might ricochet between opposite feelings from one day to the next, or even from one second to the next. But no matter what emotional state you're in, levity helps, and we've got your back. Or your arm or your forehead — wherever you decide to put an Inkling. Cuz really, life is great, you are awesome, and we just want to remind you of these things.

What do Inklings do?

Inklings make you feel good. They do this in several ways. One way is by just plain jazzing you up with a fun, positive message that resonates with your inner smart babe/stud. You'll find these positive tatts in the Light Room. They can also help you feel good by poking fun at common anxieties with a cheeky, sardonic message to rejigger your perspective and remind you of the insignificance of it all. And that's actually a liberating feeling. You'll find these tatts in the Dark Room.

Inklings Temporary Tattoos

We make temporary tattoos for life. If you're reading this that means you're alive and a member of our target audience. Right now we are offering a limited number of items but that shouldn't stop you from buying something you like. It's risk free — your satisfaction is guaranteed. So, get you or your friend or your gram gram a coupla Inklings, not only as a reminder of how great life is, but to add some some radical cheer to the day. Lastly, just gotta say it again, you're awesome.

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