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Hello. I hope you are well.

I'm Dalasie and sometimes I feel wonderful and sometimes I feel awful, but I find it helps to try not to take stuff too seriously. Maybe you can relate. So recently I thought it would be fun to create some temporary tattoos that add levity to daily life. Hence what you see here and more on the way always.

From LA, have a good day. And don't ever stop. Except for tacos. And pizza. Always stop everything for tacos and pizza.

  • Inklings is about non-traditional temporary tattoos that are rad
  • Inklings is about making you feel good
  • Inklings is about sleeping 'til noon and taking naps wherever and whenever possible while still managing to kick serious ass
  • Inklings is about you
  • Inklings is about pizza with pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno
  • Inklings is about integrity
  • Inklings is about infrequent jazz
  • Inklings is about frequent jazz hands
  • Inklings is about incredibly frequent jazz handjobs
  • Inklings is about enjoying sunsets on the internet
  • Inklings is red shoes sometimes
  • Inklings is marathons, Breaking Bad marathons
  • Inklings is about knowing exactly what cats are thinking
  • Inklings is misery when the Wi-Fi goes out
  • Inklings is happiness when the coffee is done
  • Inklings is making up songs in the kitchen
  • Inklings is awkward sometimes haha erm...
  • Inklings is for world-class sweethearts
  • Inklings is a pillow that is niether too thick or too thin but just right
  • Inklings is a prescription that works
  • Inklings is pumped about tons of stuff
  • Inklings is that really sweet pen that never does you wrong
  • Inklings is a kinky pen pal
  • Inklings holds the door open for you, no matter how far from it you are
  • Inklings would like four carne asada tacos with everything para aqui


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